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July 13th, 2014

Grabbed all that was craft at the LCBO: Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA, Beau’s Ashnan Wheat Wine and Festival Altbier, Trafalgar Blueberry Mead, St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale, Double Trouble Hops and Robbers IPA and Fire in the Rye Roasted Rye Pale Ale, Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale, Mad and Noisy Hops & Bolts IPL.

September 10th, 2012

After NYC we took in the last long weekend of the summer ‘cottage-style’ at Buck Lake, in South Frontenac, Ontario. We know Ontario craft beer pairs well with the lake, loons and late afternoon sunshine so we buckled up our beer and headed east of Ottawa to join C’s family.

For the weekend we brought along a growler of Big Rig IPA, a couple of swing tops of Muskoka Summer Weiss, several cans of Great Lakes Crazy Canuck and a Mill Street summer sampler (Tankhouse Ale, Stock Ale, Organic Lager, Lemon Tea, Ambre de la Chaudiere, Walker’s Blueberry Wheat). Just for fun we also had a bottle of Proof Whisky from Toronto.

The Big Rig IPA was a great session IPA which was nicely hopped and not too malty. The Muskoka Summer Weiss paired perfectly with a hazy late day sun; spicy, sweet, refreshing and relaxing. The Crazy Canuck tastes surprisingly like an IPA and was a perfect beer o’clock starter. Some of the Mill Street brews kept us refreshed as we swam in the lake and the Proof was a tasty night cap but did not pair so well with the morning! 

Thanks to our hosts and family for an amazing Labour Day weekend!

May 7th, 2012

The Mill Street Brewpub in Ottawa is well worth a visit especially on a hot day in May. Located in a 170 year old former pulp mill in Lebreton Flats, the historic building has found a new life through this Toronto-based brewery. The brewpub opened in January and features 14 taps which include their regular offerings (made in Toronto), and three brewed on site inspired by the local history: Portage Ale, Valley Irish Red and Ambre de la Chaudiere. We tried the Portage Ale which was perfect for this hot summer-like day - golden, crisp, slightly sweet and very refreshing. We bought the Chaudiere to go from their retail store and enjoyed that later on the patio at home. This farmhouse ale was lovely with a fruity, spicy taste and creamy palette. The venue affords great views of the Ottawa River and makes for a perfect beer retreat in the nation’s capital.

Inside Look - Mill Street Brewpub

May 6th, 2012

The spring thaw yields some delightful surprises in Ontario! Here are the perfect pairings for a beautiful spring day in Ottawa.

* The Legendary Muskoka Spring Oddityit’s too good to be seasonal" brew with it’s side kick Mad Tom IPA. The ‘oddity’ is brewed with heather tips and juniper berries.

* Beau’s Beaver River seasonal IPA, a hoppy IPA for the spring time and quite a good one for this region.

* Trafalgar Ales & Meads Maple Bock spring seasonal brewed with Ontario maple syrup.

Spring has sprung!

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