December 15th, 2012

Powell Street Brewery, BC’s newest nano brewery, opened softly today to an enthusiastic crowd of beer lovers. Cold weather and rain did not stop the punters from lining up to try the Old Jalopy Pale Ale and the Dive Bomb Porter, poured by the brewer and owner himself, David Bowket.

The pale ale, 5.5%, is an English Pale Ale but with a prominent North American hop profile. It reminded us of the craft ale we sampled in England recently where brewers are using english malts but experimenting with lots of american hops. The porter, 5%, is well balanced with a roasted malt flavour and a mild hop bitterness. Both are very solid beers and we look forward to an upcoming IPA because in our opinion, there can never be enough. For now the beer is available from the brewery in growlers, boston rounds and bombers. We took home a bomber of each plus a boston round of the Porter because it was so cute. 

We have to give this team a special mention for their beautifully-designed labels and logo. Their interest in art and design is obvious through their carefully-staged ‘Canadiana’ living room which presents a cozy backdrop to their storefront which doubles as a gallery for local artists.

We wish David and his wife Nicole the best of luck in their brewing venture.

For more information on the brewery check out Pint Sighs interview with the brewer or these articles in the Globe and Mail and the Province.

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