March 30th, 2012

This DoB is Washington-bound today for a weekend of racing! 

The Race

Friday: hoppy hour at Chuckanut Brewery, carbo-loading at Boundary Bay Brewery.

Saturday: Birch Bay Road Race, recovery lunch at Boundary Bay Brewery, drive to Seattle for nap at hotel, celebrate at Washington Cask Beer Festival with friends.

Sunday: recovery re-up at Full Bottle Throttle and Bottleworks, trip to Super Deli Mart (a convenience store with taps), visit to the new Pine Box, cross border with boot full of beer.

Wish me luck!

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We are two good friends who love beer and will travel far to find it. We make notes of the beer we discover and share our musings with others because we believe beer is a tradition that is best shared, and because otherwise we wouldn't remember them.